Discover Kabbalah part 1

September 28 @ 7:00 pm
The Discover Kabbalah series is the Kabbalah Centre’s newest learning system designed to give you the most comprehensive Kabbalah study currently available anywhere online.
What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah is the oldest spiritual wisdom in the world. It explains everything from the science of the soul to the laws of nature and of why the universe came to be. Kabbalah is a universal wisdom that anyone can study, regardless of background or belief system.

Why study Kabbalah?

Deep down, we all want to understand the meaning of our lives, and the purpose of our existence. Studying Kabbalah will answer many of your life’s questions, as well as give you practical tools and techniques to bring more fulfillment to your life. The Kabbalah Centre teaches that Kabbalah should be lived, not just studied. This program is designed to help you integrate the insights you learn in class into your daily life.
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Datum(i) - 28.09.16. - 01.10.16.
19:00 - 21:00



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